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Rice, cheese, wine, honey and fish. A space in the country and the sea to wander about looking for typical products.

Here we eat great and drink even better. Why? Because our land and our sea provide bountiful typical products of great quality and originality, thanks to the fertile soil of the land reclamation, the vineyards, many of them ecological, the shallow sea along the coastline, the rocky substrata ('tegnue') and the brackish waters of the lagoon's fishing grounds.

Either by bike or by car, you cannot miss coming to Eraclea Mare (at the hotel we will give you maps and itineraries), especially in Spring and Fall, when the country and the sea provide their best bounty.

Ivan suggests a visit to the rice fields of Torre di Fine, which produces and directly sells superfine Carnaroli rice of optimum quality, thanks to the sweet water irrigation from Livenza and the salty air of the nearby sea. In Porto Santa Margherita you can buy, also directly, dairy products such as the Montasio DOP, a cheese with milk taste whose flavor increases with aging; you can choose between fresh (two-month aging), medium (aged five to ten months), and aged (over ten months).

Get a good bottle of DOC Lison - Pramaggiore, a wine found in most stores in the area and in the historic center of Caorle. They have 500 types of wine, with a section entirely dedicated to Lison Pramaggiore. Here, the expert advice of the owner will help you choose true excellence. Something curious: the zone of Lison - Pramaggiore is where ecological wine production is most extended in Italy. For a wine tasting experience directly at the producer's, Ivan suggests the Mosole cellar in San Stino di Livenza.

Honey is a country delicacy; coming to Caorle by the Meridiana route there is a beekeeper that sells directly to consumers. Here, at the land reclamation area, honey is typically from sunflower and rape. You have to taste it!

You can easily find the typical fish from the sea, valley and 'tegnue' served at the hotel's restaurant (based on market availability), prepared by Ivan's mother: bass, mullet, sole, flounder, eel, scallops, octopus and much more. Ivan will explain which fish it is!

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