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Across the River and into the Trees, by boat or dinghy, in the places loved by Hemingway

Would you like to see the canals, casoni and valleys where Hemingway was inspired to write his famous novel Across the River and into the Trees? Nothing better than being on a boat as the writer used to do over the canals of Eraclea Mare, arriving at the striking San Gaetano Village (where Hemingway stayed, guest to the Baron of Franchetti) and the Laguna di Caorle.

Both Spring and Fall are the best seasons for itineraries between the canals and the lagoon: magical lights reflect between the water, sky and reeds; herons, egrets, coots and gulls take flight, while the casoni (typical fisher huts), still used by fishers and hunters, can be glimpsed on the banks. The itinerary starts from the Eraclea Mare wet dock, going down the Piave River and then reaching the canals that, along Venice's Litoranea (water ways) finally arrive to the Caorle Lagoon.

If you are coming on your own boat or dinghy, you can wet it at the Eraclea Mare dock, 300 meters from the Lory Hotel, and leave the trailer in the hotel's parking. Or you can rent a boat for one or more days directly at the dock.

Ivan at the hotel will give you nautical charts with itineraries, distances, docks, places of interest and navigation times. During your stay, we offer all navigators a lunch basket with sandwiches and soft drinks for a great picnic!

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